Follow the Pro

The Turbolenza team’s been busy this week. Why do we always see videos of dozens of skydivers freefalling over populated towns yet never look up in the sky to see them in person. Granted it would scare the hell out of me, my first thought being that Ryanair’s faulty planes finally caused them a huge problem. Passengers falling everywhere. Then their chutes would open and I’d be reassured that it’s just Turbolenza living their motto, “Follow the Flow”.

Here the team is shot diving over Fano, Italy. They fly like the city is their playground. No set formations they have to do, no world records to break, just free flying. The video, “Follow the Pro”, is a reminder of how much of a casual sport skydiving and wingsuiting are. It’s a funny thing to say considering leaping from mile-high heights isn’t exactly a daily routine, but when you think about it, those few minutes of freefall are some of the freest moments of your life. There’s nothing to do or care about in the sky other than following the flow.