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Wingsuit Aerial Fleet

Wingsuiting is best done with friends. When we usually see these loonies at work, they’re flying within feet of cliffs, mountains and death. For example the Turbolenza Team, one wrong tweak and the Fearless Five could’ve become the Frightened Four. We hardly ever see them in open space. But as this sport begins to grow outside the small circle of celebrities we’ve come to know (Corliss, Mancino etc.), enthusiasts will think of ways to make it more visually appealing.

The Wingsuit Aerial Fleet exemplifies this with their collective of 36 wingsuit pilots. Gathered with the goal to test the limits of flying in large vertical fleets, one by one the pilots jump out of their planes and glide towards each other like moths to a light bulb, finally merging into an impressive diamond formation. The fleet is only able to perform such a feat because the powerful forward speed of the wingsuits allow the pilots to fly directly over one another in close proximity while carefully avoiding each other’s slipstreams. Such a stunt cannot be easily performed by skydivers. Though they may look just inches apart, the formation was over 6 stories (72 feet) high, the largest vertical formation ever flown.