People hardly ever go camping. And do you know why? Ignoring the fact that it’s extremely uncomfortable, for some odd reason people tend to fear deadly insects, poisonous snakes and ravage bears. The only solution to such an issue is to move your tent as high away from those pesky predators, and also the cold, wet, contaminated ground (you are camping after all). The tentsile allows just this accomodation, suspending your shelter to fit any surrounding while separating you from danger and holding you in place in case of sand storms, earthquakes, floods, hurricanes etc.

No longer are you limited by ground conditions, with this versatile hammock/tent hybrid you can adapt to any type of environment and still sleep comfortably in any of the 2-person, 3-4 person or 5-8 person versions. Tension forces rather than annoying, cumbersome poles are used to keep the tentsile (tense-ile) spacious, allowing for extra comfort and a flexible range of accommodation. Climb into one and you will find a covered porch ares with suspended seating and a double hammock bed with underneath storage space. Don’t worry, unlike actual hammocks, the material stretches outward to the sides so that you won’t roll into your camping buddy and possibly make awkward contact with your best friend. It’s collapsable, portable, fire retardant, water resistant and perfectly suited for any natural disaster situation where safe shelter is needed.