Turbolenza Dolomites No Fear

Remember that super amazing wingsuiting team we mentioned a while back? That collective of badass fearless fliers whose job it was to look awesome? Well they didn’t just sit idle. Turbolenza (whom we refer to as the league of extraordinary athletes) sorted out 5 of its members to take part in the Dolomoites Wingsuit B.A.S.E. Tour.

Headed by the woman who needs no introduction, Roberta Mancino, Maurizio di Palma, James Boole, Noah Bahnson and Vania Da Rui embarked on a 5 day tour to B.A.S.E jump off the 5 highest points in Dolomites, leaping from up to 2,951 meters. The city’s cliffs, peaks and mountains are in stark contrast to what most picture when hearing “Italy”. This video more than any captures how long and how free their dives are. It’s funny how the team has perfected their flights in such a way that they aren’t even surprising to see anymore, despite being so incredible. The exciting mission will be cataloged into a movie starring the adventurous athletes and pilots involved. 5 jumps in 5 days…that’s more thrill in a week than most will experience in their lives.