Turkish Airlines Funky New Look

Are you part of the 99 percent? The 99 percent who feel under-appreciated at their jobs I mean. Well if you work at Turkish Airlines, welcome to the 1 percent. The carrier, wanting to thank its crew for their years and years of service, plastered over 17,000 photos of its employees on the sides of one of their 737s. The new design adds a little funk to the jet’s previously mundane appearance.

I mean really, it astonishes me how no one ever complains about the lack of diversity in the sky. Aside from Jackie Chan‘s new ride and Southwest’s Florida One, most other planes look exactly the same. Thankfully, this plane looks intense. You know you work for a good company when they spend four months and gather a crew of 20 to show their appreciation. Hopefully this gesture wasn’t in lieu of a pay raise. You can watch theĀ face-plastering process below and, if you’re in the mood to jam out and rave, fetch a pair of 3D glasses and set the music to full blast.