Ryanair Under Investigation

Ryanair under investigation? What a surprise. Could it be for their in-flight porn? A sexual harassment suit for their Cabin Crew Calendar?  Charging a dying man for the sandwich and soda that saved his life?

It could be for attempting to charge a “fat tax” aimed at overweight passengers, charging to use the restroom, or any number of the crazy things they try to do to make money. Strangely, none of the above. A new immoral issue has risen as the airline is being investigated by the Irish Aviation Authority for not allowing passengers to sit in the emergency rows without paying a £10 ($16) fee. Usually these seats do come with a slightly higher charge due to the extra leg room, but in this case if no one paid the fee, the seats remained empty. While this is one of the less controversial things Ryanair has made headlines for, it’s still quite a safety hazard and should be handled quickly. Because we know the last thing they want is more publicity.