Debut of Southwest Airlines’ Boeing 737-800

I love new things. And I also live vicariously so when Southwest announces the debut of their brand new Boeing 737-800s, I feel like I too am getting a new jet. The fleet will make its debut on April 11th after passing operating tests and will come in numbers of 33 this year and 41 next, while Southwest plans to retire around the same number of their old jets.

The new planes are considerably bigger, holding 175 passengers as opposed to 137 on their current biggest jet. None of that space goes to waste as the interior will have higher ceilings, more overhead bin space and wireless Internet access. Even planes have wi-fi now…crazy. The extra seats will make for extra profit and all that comfort will be put to use mostly on long-haul flights, Southwest even has their eyes on Hawaii. With the unveiling of their new 737-800s, Southwest is reestablishing their reputation as the airline with the largest Boeing fleet in the world.