Vapor Pro Royal Purple iPhone Case

We all know the risks involved in owning an iPhone without protecting it with some sort of case. The danger levels fall somewhere between letting a juvenile borrow your car and the basejumping we speak of so often. But you can’t just buy any case. There’s always gonna be those expensive iPhone cases that double its size and make it look more like an iBrick.

By the same token there are also those cheap rubber cases that do no more good than a foot of saran wrap. You want to add some swag to your iPhone, make it your wingman not your anchor. For a limited time, Element Case will be shipping their flag ship Vapor Pro iPhone 4/4S case in a vibrant new royal purple and some proprietary anodized finish they call Flux. Flux gives it that deep rich satin coating that gives the case that sleek, sharp element. Rock the purple, and show off that you really are royalty.