The HuMn Wallet

As you read this, you’re likely ruining your back simply because of the fat wallet in your back pocket is misaligning your spine. It’s time to say goodbye to the restraints of convention and get yourself a practical, modern wallet to give a little style to that back pocket. First let me start off by saying I do not, nor will I ever have the intention of switching wallets. Nothing against the HuMn Wallet, but when you have a wallet that reads “Bad Mother F*****” on the front, what is there to upgrade to?

Yes it makes for daily awkward situations, but it’s the sacrifice I have to make if I wanna continue my whole Samuel Jackson persona. But back to the topic at hand, the HuMn Wallet was designed with travelers in mind, holding everything from cash to plastic to business cards securely and comfortably. Its minimalist design (just a plate and a strap) makes it lightweight yet still able to handle any climate or environment. It’s also very customizable, coming in several colors, plates made of aluminum or carbon fiber and the unique ability to add as many plates together as you like. The best part? The wallet protects against RFID skimming so that those lowlives won’t get any of your credit card information. If you’ve got flow to carry around, carry it with style.