Springtime In Kiev

You normally don’t hear good things about the Ukraine. You normally don’t hear anything about the Ukraine. Even its name makes it sound like a bleak, oppressive country with few attractions other than a couple of miniatures museums. So you could imagine my surprise when I see this stunning video, look up Kiev and find out that it resides in the same country I’ve been dismissing as uninhabitable for decades.

MiniLook Kiev from threeshot on Vimeo.

Well the miniatures museum has broken loose and this amazing little tilt-shift (a technique used in filming) video shows us the city’s full potential. Taking you through small streets and quaint neighborhoods, the Kiev’s green landscape clashes with its urban and coastal regions in a way that works. It’s diverse, it’s warm, it’s fast. Everything we love about the springtime. I know it isn’t the “real” Kiev per se, but it still gets me excited for the quickly-approaching spring season. Also, if I don’t find out how the filmmakers moved around ALL those tiny people, tiny cars and normal-sized water perfectly for EACH and EVERY frame…it’s gonna bother me for a while.