SpareOne Mobile

No one is ever really ready for a natural disaster. Well, okay maybe those guys with fallout shelters stacked with a 20 year’s supply of food…they’re pretty well prepared. But hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis, all strike with little warning and your life can change in an instant. This is where the inspiration for the SpareOne Mobile comes into play.

The phone requires no charging, no A/V outlet and no USB hookup like most other smartphones today. This “smartphone” is smart not because of its 1,000 capabilities, but its one crucial attribute: it runs on the power from a AA battery. In power-outage situations where one call to 911 could save a life, this is a priceless feature. But while the SpareOne was created to connect people in times of panic, your life doesn’t have to be at risk to use one. Its 10 hour of talk time is useful to anyone looking for a convenient mobile and the fact that it holds its battery’s charge for up to 15 years is yet another factor to be acknowledged. No screen, no data plans, just a simple, compact emergency phone.