HTC & Roberta Mancino

It’s finally been done. After years of flight attendants telling us not to, someone has used their phone at 13,000 feet. You may argue that being the first to capture a fashion shoot using a mobile handset while skydiving is a bigger feat, but I disagree. Roberta Mancino (our favorite female Italian freefaller) performed this very stunt this past month, and the results speak for themselves.

HTC’s new extreme ad campaign opens up with the Free Fall Fashion Shoot, which was designed to put the camera power of the advanced HTC One to the test. Falling at 120 mph over Area 51, Mancino is shot wearing a metallic body suit made of plexiglass, the video for which was uploaded and shared from the HTC before she even reached the ground. This will undoubtedly unleash a whole new wave of social media freaks. Mid-air status updates, underwater tweets, bicyclist instagrams. All the major extreme sports will have their own obnoxious personal updates. My hat goes off to the creative and revolutionary ad campaign, but they have no idea what they’ve started.