iPad 3

With the recent March 7th iPad keynote that crushed all our hopes for the tablet’s new features, we need a refresher to help us remember exactly what these hopes were. Unlimited battery life, free movies on iTunes, an app that pays your bills for you? Nope, our dreams are a little more down to Earth.

The same people who brought you the tear-to-your-eye iPhone 5 concept are here to bring you what they think would make the iPad 3 worth its weight in awesome. Edge to edge display, magnets and near field communication (the same thing that allows for high-tech airports) are just the “lame” areas in their design. With no black border and the ability to merge iPads, they’ve pretty much made the idea of owning a TV obsolete. Same goes for owning a gaming system. Who would want an XBOX when they could play portable 3D holographic games? Features like this would literally make the iPad pop out.