Melbourne Skydive Centre

Melbourne Skydive Centre started with two friends passionate about the sport and a desire to represent their country on the world stage. This dream was realised in 2001 when they started competing as a team nationally. In August 2004 Melbourne Skydive Centre ($374.00 – $750.00) opened in the Yarra Valley and in January 2012 the second location was opened along the Great Ocean Road.

Melbourne Skydive Centre’s team have been involved in the sport of skydiving from twelve to twenty five years. Chief Instructor is the current Chairman of Instructors for the Victorian Parachute Council under the Australian Parachute Federation. Most of team Melbourne are, or have been National Champions in their chosen discipline and have represented Australia on the World Stage. Melbourne Skydive Centre is involved with Skydiving demonstrations and Parachute Displays all over Australia working with organizations such as AFL, Primus Telecom, Optus, Grand Prix, Red Bull, Weather Channel, Footy Show, and many more.

[$374.00 - $750.00]