A Taste of Vietnam

While the US-Vietnamese relationship is characterized mainly by that little war we had, it doesn’t mean feelings towards each other are bitter. Speaking of bitter, have you tried Vietnamese food? It’s more diverse than people think. Located on the coast, one might assume their diet consists of nothing but seafood.

But in addition to the fish and shrimp served widely throughout the country, the video presents to us the veggie medleys, slurp-worthy soups, and savory tortillas that also comprise the Vietnamese menu. Though incomparable to our arsenal of burgers, steaks and fast food delicacies in this worldwide food war we are battling, it still sounds appetizing. “A Taste of Vietnam” is actually an accurate title in more ways than one. While giving us a three-minute glimpse at the succulent foodstuffs the country consumes, it also feeds us bits of their diversified culture, from their active cities to their beautiful coasts.