The Sikorsky Legacy of Heroes Tour

With President’s Day just behind us, we can now take time to celebrate those who serve the world from outside the comfort of an oval office. Really it should be every day that we thank those who make our lives safer and better our communities. We tend to take these kinds of people (heroes) for granted, but Igor Sikorsky doesn’t wanna wait until the day they are all gone for us to start realizing how much we need their help.

Sikorsky is putting his helicopters to better use than these guys and sending them on a Legacy of Heroes Tour across the U.S. and around the world. Along the way, the specially-produced Legacy of Heroes S-92 helicopters will meet with local communities, first responders, volunteer organizations, and members of the armed forces in order to recognize them and acknowledge how much we appreciate them. Though an extremely nice gesture, I’m sure the tour would get an even bigger response if they flew in some “guest visitors” on their own helicopter.