The Miveu

With all respect to the GoPro, helmets are outdated. Yes there are additional accessories like a chest strap that would make the camera resemble the Miveu-X, but it still doesn’t let you film with your very own iPhone.

When I’m jumping out of planes or biking some outrageously dangerous mountain, my head is possibly the least stable part of my body. But while it’s busy racing through the possible reasons as to why I put myself in those life-threatening positions, my chest is as stable as a job with the foreclosure department.

The Miveu (“My View”) comes with a chest mount for your iPhone and a high impact cover equipped with a custom wide angle lens that gives a 180 degree view of whatever video-worthy, life-risking activity you are performing. Using your own iPhone also allows you to review, edit and upload the video you just shot to any one of your social media networks right on the spot. I know it looks like a mother’s baby carrier, but let’s be honest, our iPhones are equally as important to us as our babies.

[$5.00 Pledge]