Romance Is In the Air

Ladies and gentlemen, we will be expecting some major turbulence. I don’t know if you’ve played a game of “Dare” recently, but they all end in sex. Twenty-one years ago, a group of pilot friends dared each other to do something society considered a sin. No, they didn’t all end up getting it on, but a business was born.

Flamingo Air began as a result of a few challenging words: “Bet you can’t get a single couple to pay to join the mile-high club”. Twenty-one years later the airline flies as many as eight couples a day. For $425 customers get a box of chocolates, 2 bottles of champagne, an hour of flight over the tri-state landmarks of their choice, and the atmosphere (pun intended) of an amorous afternoon. Doubt those landmarks will be seeing much attention, though. The pilots, of course, are professionals and are paid to remain oblivious to the “action” going on behind the curtain separating him from his passengers. It comes to no surprise that 50% of the airline’s business comes from these types of flights when a recent study showed 95% of plane passengers admitted they wanted to become a part of the mile-high club, 20% claimed to have already joined, and 90% of the people flying Flamingo Air are women hoping to spice up their marriage. Which reminds me, “flamingo” sounds like something their passengers may wanna try out.