Montana Time-Lapse

The bounds of my knowledge of Montana stretch to here: it’s a state and it looks like a face. But that just means there’s more to learn. Preston Kanak (director, filmmaker & assistant editor for recently did what few others have ever done before; he boldly took a week-long trip to Montana. And if his experience was anything like his time-lapse, it felt a week long.

Watching basically a highlight reel of Montana’s most exciting locations, time couldn’t lapse fast enough. So if its most appealing mountains and snow deposits aren’t enough to keep one’s head up, what does that say about the state as a whole? Thankfully Kanak had the company of F9 Photo and Eric Hines, other photographer and timelapse cinematographers, to keep him from mental suicide while he set up his tripods. At a certain point I began hoping this time-lapse would take a sharp turn and take the plot of Liam Neeson’s The Grey.