Sexy TSA Strip Down

The Boston Tea Party, the American Revolution, labor strikes, the Occupy Movement, sexy TSA strip downs. What do they have in common? All are examples of our country’s defiance against the actions that violate our rights. While the last is surely one of the most unorthodox protests to date, it caught the attention of the TSA…and everyone else at the airport.

Since Thanksgiving 2010 when the agency started giving passengers the ultimatum between the cancer-causing body scanners or the invasive, touchy pat-down, protestors have showed up to the checkpoints wearing nothing but their underwear or bikinis. They want to make sure security has no excuse to think that they are hiding bombs and that patting them down would do any sort of favor to the American public.

Despite the occasional fine for indecent exposure, detainments and failed attempts at getting through security, the TSA strippers have made their statement loud and clear: they will not stand (or dress) for such blatant violations of their constitutional privacies. Well good for them and their confident bodies, they’re saving our freedoms, one article of clothes at a time. If you were wondering, yes we are in the process of sending in a BladesGirl to support the cause. The TSA would be abolished in a day.