Jackie Chan’s Private Plane

J.C. The initials to the greatest and most important man to ever walk this earth. He did things no one else could do, his stunts seemed like magic. Some call him the performer of miracles. He also happens to share the initials of another widely-idolized figure, Jesus Christ.

We’re talking about none other than Jackie Chan. Jackie, where have you been?! Perhaps in recluse after the release of The Karate Kid? Don’t worry, we’ll forgive you J.C., you’re just so lovable. It seems balance is restored to world as spotlight is once again on Jackie Chan for being named brand ambassador for Embraer jets earlier this month. As ambassador, the martial arts master was gifted a $30 million Legacy 650 airplane and toasted its replicas at the company’s ceremony in Brazil.

Jackie is expected to boost overseas market sales (particularly China) despite the stalling numbers the times have seen. The jet, with its wacky red and yellow paint job and stupendous dragon logo, will be on display at the Singapore Airshow until February 19th. Now one of the very, VERY few things that Jackie can’t do is fly a plane. Ironic but no matter, you learn by trying, right?