360 of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

To live in Brazil would be to live in paradise. But to look at a 360º image of Brazil makes me angry at the fact that I’m looking at paradise and not living in it. The tree-covered mountains, the deep blue ocean, the picture perfect skies…it all infuriates me. But you may find it relaxing to look at Rio de Janeiro, the expansive city that it is. With it’s tall buildings snuggled in between water and patches of green.

It’s like Florida’s Everglades tangled up with Miami’s shoreline, minus all the road rage. Navigate a little and you’ll see that bearded statue (Cristo Redentor) who looks like he wants a hug. Behind him are mountains beyond mountains (which also happens to be the title of an amazing novel you should read). And if you really wanna be stunned take a look at the sun, whose radiating rays bring a nice Brazilian warmth into your cold, lonely cubicle. With this beautiful view it’s no wonder why Brazilian tourism has tripled.