Act of Valor

With all the crap that comes out today, Act of Valor may just be a diamond in the rough. Starring an elite team of real Navy SEALS, the film captures their daily struggles and victories through the missions they accomplish and the obstacles they overcome.

With the toughest training of any occupation in the world, these SEALS risk life and limb to do what no others can. All making for one tremendously BADASS movie. Taking over two years to shoot, and using the actual latest in weapons technology the Navy provides, the filmmakers were definitely more stressed than the SEALS.

Because SEALS don’t get stressed because stress is for the weak. Of course a plotline had to be devised to make sense of all that outrageous danger, so the story involves the team’s mission to recover a kidnapped CIA agent. Finally, a movie where the actors aren’t acting and the stuntmen are the actors. I know where I’m gonna be February 24th.