We Met On A Plane

What is society coming to when we can’t even form relationships anymore without having to use social media? Granted We Met On a Plane comes in handy when you find yourself parting with the babe (BladesGirl) you’ve been macking on the entire flight. But then again you could’ve grown a pair and asked for their number.

We Met on a Plane is basically the flight-only version of the “missed connections” tab on Craigslist, only with half the creepiness and a fraction of the chance that you will be murdered. By typing in the information of the flight on which you met “the one” and a description of this much-too-brief yet everlasting interaction, you may just find love after-all. Just hope that the other sees your post or happens to be looking for you as well. The site’s creator, Will Scully-Power, came up with the idea after meeting his girlfriend on a plane and later finding out that 4,400 people Google “met on plane” globally every month. Sure this allows you to quit wondering about what could have been, but there are also possibilities for negative outcomes. Have you ever seen the movie Red Eye, where a man and woman hit it off on a red eye to LA, but he was really plotting to kidnap her in order to assassinate her politician friend? That’s the type of real-world implications we could be dealing with if this thing gains any momentum. That and the chance that the person you were looking for sounded way less boring over the sounds of loud turbines.