TSA Workers Suspended Once Again

The TSA never ceases to disappoint. A group of eight TSA agents at Newark have been suspended from duty after incidents including failing to screen baggage properly and falling asleep on the job. What a coincidence, the Newark baggage handlers must’ve been sleeping on the job too when they lost my luggage. They really run a tight ship over there in Jersey.

A federal probe has even been launched to investigate the terminal in which this irresponsible behavior has been taking place. So far they’ve caught the midnight crew sleeping on the job because of the little activity taking place at those times, workers stealing from passenger bags, and failing to screen them properly…if even screening them at all. Kujuanne McNiel, a veteran screener, was let go late December when his failure to screen two bags meant the unloading and re-screening of two planeloads of luggage, and the outrage of many, many impatient passengers. These unprofessional, even criminal actions are likely due to poor training administered by another member of Newark security who was also recently dismissed. I don’t know which makes me angrier, the fact that the TSA is getting paid not to do their jobs, or that I’m being delayed from my flight just to be robbed by these people.