Surprise Mid-Air Dance

Please not another flash mob. Oh, good…a flash mid-air dance. That’s a start. Finnish airline Finnair played host to a large group of flight attendants that played out a dance in celebration of India’s Republic Day. On the 26th, the country commemorated their 62nd day of independence. I’m not sure if you’ve seen “The Number 23”, but there’s definitely something up with those numbers.

Anyways, the Finnair females performed for passengers of Wednesday’s overnight flight from Helsinki to Delhi, where they were probably greeted with an even larger jubilation. Their dance consisted of several Bollywood-style numbers playing to the rhythmic beat of Indian jams. Granted I was hoping to see those types of extravagant spectacles you typically see at the end of Indian movies, like Slumdog Millionaire, but this was nice too. It’s not like there’s a lot of space to move with those narrow aisles, so the choreographer should be commended. Man, that Slumdog Millionaire dance number was so out of place.