Mile High Club

Smoking pot on a plane? Is this guy high or something? Adam Blumenkranz was arrested this week for allegedly smoking weed in JetBlue’s bathroom while the plane was in flight. The 42-year-old L.A. man began drawing suspicion when a flight attendant witnessed him drop a clear plastic bag in the cabin, and then confirmed the presumptions when he exited the lavatory smelling like a Bob Marley concert. He just couldn’t wait until he wasn’t so high to get high. Departing from Fort Lauterdale, Florida, he landed in Newark, New Jersey to police officers ordering him to put his hands behind his back and the unwelcome sounds of his Miranda Rights. He was taken into custody under charges of possession of a controlled dangerous substance and drug paraphernalia; the actual charge of smoking marijuana cannot be proven. His defense was one of ignorance and stupidity. He told police he believed he’d done nothing illegal because he has a medical marijuana card. That’d be a good excuse except for the fact that those aren’t even legal in California by federal standards. And even if he had been flying over his home in L.A., air travel falls under federal jurisdiction. We hope the best for this fool, but at least he did the whole flight a favor before being hauled off. Since the air on planes is recycled, this is some second-hand smoke passengers surely wouldn’t mind coming into contact with.