JetBlue to Marry Hawaiian Airlines

Getting married in Hawaii…how original. JetBlue Airways Corp. and Hawaiian Airlines have decided to tie the knot and form a partnership that will allow passengers to fly both carriers on a single ticket. Instead of scrounging around for cheap deals from Miami to L.A. and then L.A. to Honolulu, customers can save money and skip the hassle by purchasing the one-stop flight to Hawaii with the connection in L.A. And that supplementary announcement that Hawaiian Airlines plans to add New York service direct from its home base in June, that was just icing on the cake.

Because, you know, Hawaiians would arrive so accustomed to those balmy New York winters. Passengers can also expect to receive frequent flier miles on both carrier’s flights beginning around the same time that the New York service is operational. This isn’t the first codeshare for either of the carriers, JetBlue has a few under their belt and Hawaiian has partnerships with multiple airlines including United-Continental, Delta and American. These codeshares (parnterships) allow the airlines to expand without having to add flights or bases on their own. Don’t be fooled by those flower necklaces they welcome you with when you get off the plane to Hawaii, these airlines know what they’re doing.