Yosemite HD

All exaggeration aside, this is the most HD video I’ve seen in my life. My TV doesn’t even get this sort of reception, whenever I watch sports I have to listen to obnoxious commentators in order to find out who made a play. Of course I would’ve preferred the HD showcase to include a hyper-realistic Victoria’s Secret commercial, but a time lapse of Yosemite National Park is okay too.

Crisp is the only way I can describe the sharpness, vivid the only way to express the colors and amazing the only way to cover all other elements of art I haven’t mentioned. Yosemite HD was shot as part of Project Yosemite, a collaboration between Sheldon Neill and Colin Delehanty (who became friends through Vimeo) to get viewers to experience the park’s beautiful landscape like never before and encourage them to visit if they haven’t already. The video may have backfired, because there’s no need to visit when I can just take a glance at the computer screen and be instantly transported to California’s most beautiful attraction (other than Eva Mendes). Blades always encourages taking a little break from society and getting in touch with spirituality, so if you don’t have the ability to visit this natural wonder (not Mendes) in person, this so-titled “hiker porn” will have to suffice. How do I make this my screensaver?