Nike+ Fuel Band

At first glance, the Nike+ Fuel Band ($149.00) looks like Nike’s attempt to make us all slaves to a currency based on time like in that Justin Timberlake movie, In Time. The number reading appeared to display how much “money” you had and naturally the fuel reading must represent how much “fuel” you have left before you die. Thankfully this is not the case and the only revolution Nike is planning is one of health and fitness.

They saw room for modernization of the primitive pedometers we walk around with today. Actually, let me correct myself. The pedometers we don’t walk around with today, because no one wants to be seen wearing one of those outdated monstrosities. As a step counter, it works like any other, but as a tool for guiding one’s health it keeps track of everything you do with extreme accuracy and turns it into “Nike Fuel”, points earned for the activities you perform. Keeping track of what you do may sound like the government’s job, but now you can be involved too by monitoring steps, calories, time and fuel on your Fuel Band or iPhone. As Nike says, life’s a sport. Only thing is, in a sport where you’re the only player, you always win. But don’t repeat that to other people, they’ll think you’re a loser for playing a sport by yourself.