Marina Bay Sands Skypark Base Jump

I’m starting to think these base jumpers don’t have anything better to do than work on holidays. We witnessed Miles Daisher complete his 3,000th base jump on New Year’s Eve, making all other professional base jumpers look lazy and unwilling to work on holidays.

Well Corliss and team were having none of that and decided to one-up Daisher by jumping on New Year’s Day. Which is better, last jump of 2011 or first 7 jumps of 2012? Considering the soaring seven base jumped off Marina Bay Sands Skypark, making it the largest base jumping attempt in Singapore, looks like Daisher was out-done. But Mr. 3000 probably had a crazier night, that should be of consolation. To me Marina Bay Sands looks like a U-boat or elongated hot dog sitting atop two clothes pins, but I will give it style points for that insane rooftop pool they have. I think I’d rather jump off the building than swim around in that death trap. One by one the team members hop off, pull their chutes and land on the vacated street cleared out for the adrenaline-seekers.