Malaysia Airlines Flash Mob

Why is taking out a camera the universal immediate reaction to witnessing a flash mob unfold? If you’re gonna watch the spectacle through a camera screen and not appreciate it with your eyes, you may as well walk away and YouTube it later, the emotion just isn’t the same. While approaching Kuala Lumpur International Airport’s International Arrivals, a man with a guitar is suddenly halted by an officer who yells “Stop!” (to which I expected “in the name of love” in response).

What followed was a nice surprise for unsuspecting passengers, who were welcomed with song and dance instead of stress and fear (the direct results of going through security after landing). If you were thrown off guard when the male guitarist and female singer began singing in perfect english, you are not alone. If you got even more confused when they started singing in hindu, chinese, and other languages you don’t know how to speak, you are not alone.

If you were wondering how many of the arriving passengers missed their luggage on the conveyor belt because they were too busy watching the flash mob, again, your thoughts have company. Though I’m not sure this technically qualifies your average mob, where no one utters a word, the elements of surprise and entertainment are still there…a medley of eight popular hit songs in various languages just happens to be there too.