Breitling Jet Team Dancing with the Airbus 380

Either air traffic control is asleep on the job again, or these planes are supposed to be flying this close to each other. The Breitling Jet Team flies together like a group of rebellious punks that society didn’t want, stopping for nothing and no one. Mainly because there is nothing and no one in the sky to stop for, but that’s beside the point.

In contrast, the Airbus 380 is the epitome of grace and awesomeness. With a spacious, luxurious interior fit for a king and room for more than just the pilot, the Airbus 380 is juxtaposed against the fast-flying jets in a restrained harmony. What I mean is the jets aren’t trying to show off its speed and the Airbus isn’t trying to show off everything else. In a peculiar yet poetic match-up, the Breitling Team and Airbus fly together, dancing behind, above and around each other.

At about 50 times the size of the jets, the Airbus leads the pack, but not in a snobbish way. They all share the glory of the skies equally. That is until the ridiculously soft, touching music ends at 1:29 and the team takes its rightful place in front as the vicious, not-a-care-in-the-world jets that they are.