How Red Bull’s Miles Daisher Spent New Year’s Eve

What did you do New Year’s Eve? Black tie event where you just hug at the stroke of midnight? Or maybe a family party where tradition is to eat grapes, make wishes and fire dangerous projectiles into the air repeatedly. Whatever you did, it probably wasn’t as original or notable as Miles Daisher’s holiday accomplishment.

The basejumper celebrated the coming new year in Waikiki Beach, Hawaii likely staring outside the window of Sheraton Waikiki, gazing at the incredible sights the beach had to offer. But alas, Daisher ended up having to spend his vacation working. Some people can just never catch a break. I guess it’s important to mention then that he works about 30 seconds a day and his “job” involves hardly any physical or mental labor. Though some cojones are a requisite.

Daisher, sponsored by Red Bull, spent his New Year’s Eve performing his 3,000th career basejump. A small celebration was put together for the occasion and he landed right in front of a crowd of fans yelling his name and cheering his feat. I think it’s safe to say he had a better New Year’s Eve than you, though had he hit that palm tree that he narrowly dodged he may not have made it to the New Year. Most people hate work so much they just wanna jump off a building. If Mike did that he’d probably get a bonus and a plaque for showing initiative.