ARC Chopper

Before you jump to any conclusions, no…this is not the newest addition to the Transformers’ robotic cast. Although its duo fan propellers look like they’d be ripe for firing bullets, this is a contraption made to save lives, not take them. Leong Huang Zi envisions an Aerial Rescue Chopper that isn’t dull and almost makes whatever accident you’ve encountered worth the helicopter ride to the ER.

This concept serves as a multi-purpose chopper for dangerous rescue operations that modern rescue helicopters just could not handle. Its rugged exterior and sturdy hull make it able to be plopped down on any terrain and navigable through more locations than believed possible. It is meant also for surveillance and scouting of both land and sea, searching for injured victims in every nook and cranny. If one were to appear, the time saved looking for a place to land and getting to the injured could mean precious minutes that could ultimately save lives. The multi-purpose chopper features a protected duo fan propeller and air turbo system that would be safe in the event of a crash, along with its passengers. We are eager to see this concept progress and the extra lives it could potentially save, but above all it’s just damn cool to look at. Gotta be careful when watching it fly over though, all that chrome is just waiting for the perfect angle to reflect a sunray into your eyes and leave you blind.