Speed Flying

Speed Flying. The name sounds kinda redundant, usually when you fly it’s pretty speedy to begin with. But speed and flight blend harmoniously in this amazing thrill of a sport. Speed Flying, a result of combining skiing, paragliding and sky diving, merges the grace of snow with the freedom of the sky.

It’s also freaking amazing. Antoine Montant, as the world’s leading speed flyer, got to experience the sport’s intensity and fervor on a daily basis (he unfortunately passed in a tragic base jumping accident late last year). It’s pretty hard to describe the emotion of the whole experience, but the video does a good job of putting you in the middle of the action, witnessing what Antoine’s eyes saw…well, what his GoPro saw. In this clip, we see the legendary sportmsan attempt (and achieve) the first-ever speed ride along the cables of Chamonix’s old cable car. It’s similar to grinding a rail on a skateboard except you’re flying and don’t have to wear effeminately tight jeans. Try not to let the mountain that looks like a gorilla’s face distract you from witnessing such a ballsy stunt.