FilmOn Air: Live TV to your iPhone

Work is boring, and all you really think about is “What’s on TV right now?”. Never again. With FilmOn Air ($95.95), you can stream live TV to your iPhone and risk the security of the fixed-income salary that comes with having a job at the same time! FilmOn has already established itself as a leading provider of cable TV online with it’s website and has taken the next step by streaming directly to your iPhone instead of just to your computer. To add to your bundle of iPhone attachments, the FilmOn Air acts as an antenna or satellite would, receiving the stream of live TV and converting it to displayable images on your screen. It is completely portable so when the mood strikes, watch any of the 120 channels that FilmOn offers, be it on a bus, a train or a child’s boring birthday party. Cable’s out? Pull out your iPhone. At home and too lazy to reach for the remote? Pull out your iPhone. Church? Pull out your iPhone. Then look up how many Hail Marys you have to do because that is a sin! With a five-hour battery the FilmOn Air really has enough juice to get you through the day before it needs another charge. If you watch more than five hours a day then you need to get off your ass and get back that job that you lost.