Amelia Earhart returns?

With the constant modernization of the aviation industry and the advancements in aircrafts and technologies that publications such as BladesMag tend to focus on, it can be easy to forget the golden years of flying. Though a legend such as Amelia Earhart has the luck of being forever discussed because of her unexplained disappearance, time has pushed her to the back of our minds. Well now it’s time for the legend to be reborn, by none other than Amelia Earhart.

No, not THE Amelia Earhart, but one of distant relation. After growing up her entire life getting asked whether or not she was a pilot, Amelia Rose Earhart (news reporter for Denver 9 News) decided to turn “no” into “yes” and follow the flight route taken by her namesake across North America. For those of you that were expecting her to be discovered on a remote island living off the land, or some sort of zombie-related article, we’re sorry to disappoint. Since she was a child, Amelia has been fascinated and inspired by the story of the bold, adventurous woman who went on to become the first female pilot to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean and receive the U.S. Distinguished Flying Cross. Yesterday actually marked the 73rd year in which she’d been pronounced dead in absentia during her attempt to fly solo around the globe, an event that was very prominent in the thoughts of Barrington Irving as he attempted his journey around the world. Just like her male counterpart (Barrington), Earhart was and still is a role model and hero to women and those aspiring to accomplish their dreams in the face of adversity.

This is a topic that modern-day Earhart repeatedly addresses in her blog and talks with those interested in her journey, which took flight December 26th and is now currently being completed. With her training being said and done, she took off from Oakland, California in a donated Cirrus SR22 with her instrument flight instructor, John Post and will be making stops in Burbank, Tucson, Austin, and New Orleans before arriving in Miami, the same ones made by her hero. Those 30 hours in the air may not be a record-breaking achievement but to her the flight is tantamount, an aspiration she’s held close to her heart since finding out what flying was. Amelia, Barrington and Amelia are all heros in our book, role models that exemplify chasing your dream, and the journey that comes with it.