iPhone Pocket Projector

Sharing that video of your cousin’s drunken Christmas carols just isn’t as much fun when your iPhone screen is only 4 inches wide. Embarrassing gags like this need to be shared to world on a larger display, one that the whole family could view simultaneously, making it easier to mock your cousin in unison…like a family should. With the iPhone Pocket Projector ($230.00), your four-inch iPhone screen instantly becomes up to a fifty-inch visual, ready to stream your movies, YouTube vids, photos and any app that supports video-out through the dock connector.

The 15-lumen LED projector features a 640×360 native display resolution and includes a focus adjustment so you aren’t staring at a fifty-inch blur. It comes integrated with a 0.5W speaker and a built-in battery that charges via USB connection and can be used as a back-up battery for your iPhone. Carry the Pocket Projector with you at all times and be ready for that serendipitous moment when a chick asks you for directions and you whip it out…to show her the route to her destination via Google Maps. Show off Blades Mag, give a business presentation, or if you’re at a playoffs party and the cable suddenly goes out, become the savior and stream the game from your phone. For $230 you get the enormity of a fifty-inch, but with complete portability and half the price.