Barrington Irving

Blades Magazine is all about challenging frontiers. Well, that and aviation. As the first entertainment aviation magazine, we break away from the mundane “news” that other flight-related publications provide and instead give you what YOU want to read: exciting innovations around the world. Though no one really wants to read so we throw in a few videos here and there…and oh yeah the Blades Girls too. From the latest TSA gag to Alec Baldwin getting kicked off a plane, from a newly developed aircraft to an everyday gadget you could use for your iPhone, our content continuously offers the latest and greatest in technology and satire. We like to think our style is like no other, and we intend to keep it that way in 2012.

So with the whole challenging frontiers thing in mind, let’s fly off into the new year with a man who has proved that the sky really is the limit. At age 23, Barrington Irving became the youngest person to fly solo around the world. He will also forever be the first black pilot and first Jamaican to accomplish this feat. Born and raised in Miami, Barrington grew up with the struggles of poverty and set out to prove that no matter what a person’s circumstance, they can still achieve greatness. With a drive that would break most men, the 23-year-old stunned others with his passion and was able to get 40 sponsors and several aircraft manufacturers to donate all the parts of his airplane. After assembling the entire plane (a Cesna 400 to which he gave the name “Inspiration”), Barrington piloted it around the world, taking 97 days to break the amazing record. As he was preparing to take off, news stations, journalists and fans were all cheering him on, hoping that he he would inspire others to follow their dreams. Their hopes were answered. But little did they know that the man they were cheering for had little more in his name than the 30 dollars in his wallet and the sponsored plane in which he sat. With no money, no radar and no ability to swim, a goal that was once far-fetched now seemed impossible and suicidal. But these are the circumstances under which Barrington Irving shattered a record, and it made for twice the excitement when he did. A true success story.

Barrington is now President of Experience Aviation, an organization he founded to push young people into discovering and pursuing their dreams through aviation education programs designed to build math, science, reading, and problem-solving skills. After meeting with him personally for the photoshoot, it was immediately apparent how genuine this man was, truly wanting to do nothing more than inspire and give back. We are honored to have Barrington Irving on the January cover of Blades Magazine, he now lives as a hero and an icon for chasing what you want, no matter how impossible it seems. Stay optimistic readers, and remember DREAM, LIVE, FLY!

More on Barrington Irving later this month.