Turbolenza: League of Extraordinary Athletes

A team of incredible people each with their own special abilities. No, not the A-Team. Or The Avengers. Turbolenza, a group with even a better name than some of its rival superhero counterparts. This league of extraordinary athletes specialize in the amazing and diddle in the impossible.

Breaking record after record in suicidal hobbies (or “sports” as they like to call them) such as base jumping, skydiving, speed riding, mountain biking, parkour and several others, Turbolenza brings together extreme enthusiasts who chase the thrill of danger. The team has seen great success but none greater than joining forces with the ultimate BladesGirl, Roberta Mancino. In recent months she has become the face (a beautiful one at that) of Turbolenza, wingsuiting with a group of her own – The Turbolenza Dolomites. Another honorable member/adrenaline junkie of the team is Maurizio Di Palma, who recently performed his 2,400th base jump, jumping once almost every day over the last 10 years.

The team’s most recent death-defying accomplishment includes the new Freefly Eurorecord of 80 skydivers simultaneously connected, forming a design resembling a flower or star. After 4 attempts and 46 seconds in freefall to come together, the team flew for 6 solid seconds before having to get the hell away from each other so that their parachutes didn’t tangle. Turbolenza is just a group of sane maniacs who decide to wake up every morning and do what they love. How much better can life get?