TSA Parody

Wanna hear a joke? The TSA. Wanna hear another? The government thinks the best way to protect our freedoms is by taking them away. Well that’s not much of a joke, more like a sad paradox. Comical lyricist Remy, in collaboration with Reason.TV, brings attention to this joke of a system by, well, making a joke out of it.

Parodying the Christmas-themed song “Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer”, the song “Grandma Got Indefinitely Detained” is twice as funny and three times as relatable. It would be indecent to mention the disturbing acts performed on the elderly by the TSA, but it is also important to know that they happened. Denial of right to counsel, lack of due process, all of the unconstitutional-ness you can think of, the TSA has done it.

And Congress has been backing it all. Quoting the song, our government says they “need to have these powers to help protect this free country”. We have this whole occupy movement to scorn the 1 percent, but why isn’t any attention being payed to the 99 percent of people who get harassed by the TSA and have their liberties taken from them along with their toothpaste and their iPod which “strikingly resembles a terrorist device”.