2 Blade Rotax Propeller

Has this ever happened to you? You’re flying in that private plane of yours, perhaps with a celebrity or corporation owner worth millions, and the propeller blade snaps in two and the aircraft begins a spiraling nosedive until finally crashing/exploding. It probably has; happened to me yesterday. The likely cause of such a disaster is the weakness of standard propeller blades that are manufactured as two pieces and then bonded together afterwards.

This makes for a weak center, an issue entirely avoided by the stronger, more durable 2 Blade Rotax Propeller ($1,675.00). How appropriate that Blades Magazine would be featuring blades. These Rotax blades, unlike conventional ones, are molded using an internal pressure, cold mold system that produces a one-piece blade. The new blade is also hollow, making it not only sturdier and longer-lasting, but lightweight and easier to install.

Aerodynamics and performance are improved as well with their Pitch Cylinder Hub System allowing for 16 degrees in pitch and leaving the blades free to move back and forth in tandem for an easier time setting up the pitch. Speaking of pitch, throw in the fact that they’re made from carbon fiber and feature Sensenich’s new Powersweep blade planform, Rotax has undoubtedly hit the ball out of the park with this one. Or more accurately, propelled it out.