Cyber-shot TX10

So you forgot to buy your sibling/nephew/niece/cousin a Christmas present, and they bought you something extravagant like an iPad or an HD HERO2. That’s embarrassing. If you flew to a relative’s house for Christmas you could make them feel guilty and say “I thought my presence would be enough of a present” or an extremely believable lie like “The TSA confiscated your gift”. You could say that, or you could stop being a terrible person and get them the Cyber-shot TX10 ($309.99), a camera that outdoes its price.

First off, its cover slides down to reveal its lens as opposed to one extending out of the camera, making it less liable to breaking without sacrificing picture quality. Speaking of picture quality, the Cyber-shot is a 16.2-megapixel, full HD 1080/60i camera with a three inch touchscreen and an incredible Auto Mode for those less experienced photographers (pretty much anyone who is not a professional photographer). This mode, along with being waterproof, dustproof, shockproof and freeze-proof makes the Cyber-shot perfect for active adventurers who don’t have time to take pictures manually and may drop the camera while rock climbing or get it wet while scuba diving, as well as mom or dad who are just not capable of manual focusing and will drop it because it’s in their hands. These capabilities already make the Cyber-shot TX10 a great buy, but when you add in features like simplified design and controls, stabilization when shooting far objects, impressive anti motion blur, versatile shooting modes and high quality movie modes, the camera quickly becomes a must-have.