Blades Girl+

The Assassins – Blades Girls Video

Our BladesGirls are so killer even Hugh Hefner would die from excitement (not too difficult a task at his age). That’s why we dubbed them “The Assassins”. Together this group of sexy misfits seem like they do all sorts of criminal-minded mischief together, like evil Charlie’s Angels. One would cause a distraction (probably Tenaj Page because that blingy eyepatch is distraction enough) while another seduces a security guard and steals his clearance card and the other two get away with the loot.

I wouldn’t mind sending one of them over to Ryanair just to walk up to Michael O’Leary and say, “You can’t have this”. Though they’d probably have to fly back home using Ryanair so that could make for an awkward situation. Also I don’t think airlines would allow half of the Assassins on their flight, what with Tenaj looking like a pirate and Mara like Paul Stanley from Kiss. Nevertheless, The Assassins will stop at nothing to crucify Blades’ sworn enemy, Ryanair, and will “execute” our plan to the fullest of their abilities with their fullest of bodies. If The Assassins keep up their crime ring they’ll have the looks, the means and the money, or “booty” as Tenaj would call it. Man would I love to have that booty.

The Blades Girls are back with a vengeance and Mara, Tenaj, Heather and Jessica do their sexy thing for you in a photo series dubbed “AssassinsSee Full Photo Series