Xldron Zero Gravity

Space travel used to be reserved for the honorable. Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, monkeys. I believe they all vacationed there. Now it’s just a simple plane ride away (not that simple if these planes are moved to any sort of airport). With variable geometry wings to suit both the Earth’s atmosphere and space’s environment, the XLDRON Zero Gravity  is a space tourism concept craft ready for the shift from home to unknown.

Shedding the need for clunky rockets and launching pads, the XLDRON will take off from a runway like any other plane and then transition into higher atmospheres by ejecting its wings until reaching its final destination – emptiness. No loud launches to deal with, no TSA to man-handle you, and no flight delays because of inclement weather on the space end of the trip. XLDRON may sound like the head of a rebellious army of robots, but feel safe knowing that if the plane decides to malfunction, you have a good 10 minutes before you hit the ground…or burn up.