Toyota Fun-VII

If you’ve seen iRobot, you’ll sympathize with my fear of letting people communicate with their cars and their cars communicate with their headquarters. Nippon Toyota is making it too easy for the machines to get their way. Unveiled at the Toyota Motor Show, the Toyota Fun Vii looks more like an Epcot ride than a concept car. With three seats, bars in place of seatbelts to keep you in place, and what appears to be a light-up dance floor for some futuristic resurrection of disco, Nippon Toyota has a unique imagination to say the least.

Continuing with this creative approach, its interior and exterior both have the capability to display messages or media to its passengers and amazed outsiders. Maybe they can screen iRobot so others can see what a dangerous path letting your car have internet access can lead to. The driver can change the exterior and interior colors manually or set it to change based on his mood. That funky disco floor we mentioned, aside from allowing for an impromptu flash mobs, also serves the purpose of displaying GPS routes in what they call “augmented reality”.

Some functions of the Toyota Fun VII can also be commanded from the outside via smartphone and its communication abilities can detect potential dangers and even friends on your contact list who happen to drive by. Heed Will Smith’s warnings and keep up with the maintenance or else the car will, you know, kill you.