Marled Sweater Blazer

I usually have the common problem of choosing between a black blazer, for the sophistication, or a white one, for the swag. This everyday issue is now a peeve of the past with the Marled Sweater Blazer ($129.00). Granted it may look like white noise, but wear it and you’ll hear the buzz being talked about you and your unique style. Needless to say this is not your normal blazer. To me, a blazer holds 3 functions, style, function and warmth. The first was already covered, with its slim fit, universal wearability and one button to close it off (pun intended). Function encompasses few things other than keeping stuff like your phone, wallet and iPod close at all times, accomplished by the exterior and interior pockets. Lastly, you can’t look cool if you’re shivering while you walk down the street…actually, I take it back you’ll look very “cool”. Cities get cold in the winter, with the exception of Miami where the low today is a chilly 79 degrees. The Marled Sweater Blazer’s acrylic, wool and linen fabrics will keep you warm while keeping you cool.