Lisa Airplane

An ultralight aircraft that carries a heavy payload? I’ll refrain from making a joke about my penis. The Lisa Airplane ($400,000.00) is a simple, elegant aircraft with several unique features that can be customized to fit your flying needs. First of all, it is an extraordinary amphibious aircraft that takes its passengers at least 620 miles at speeds of more than 140 mph whether it be on ground, water or snow.

In this same trip she uses less than 18 gallons of fuel, can land on a field of less then 700-foot length and fold its wings to park in a garage (not that you’ll ever want to hide this baby). It does so many surfaces with its Multi-Access technology, combining two hydrofoils and retractable landing gear equipped with skis and folding wings. Its canopy opens and closes easily with its mechanical unlocking system, allowing you to enter its pleasant, comfortable atmosphere with little effort. Once you enter, you see how its simplicity evolves into an energetic design filled with customizable colors and materials (leather, nubuck and technical fabrics). Build it how you want it and be sure that you are safe with its quality composite materials and such that allow you to carry heavy payloads with ease.