Mumbai Flash Mob

Ahh, Mumbai. A beautiful city filled with beautiful buildings and a beautiful culture. They’re the most populous city in India and their history…wait, another flash mob?! When will it be enough? When will this war on peace and quiet in public areas end? As usual, it all started with the music, at first softly pumping through the CST station’s speakers and then blaring the Indian song “Rang De Basanti”; the waiting train passengers confused throughout.

Then the first girl starts dancing, alone, but you know there’s more coming. She dances freely and without judgment, because no one is watching her yet. It’s not until her friend emerges from the crowd that everyone realizes what is about to take place. Hundreds of passengers rush to see the commotion like the doors had opened on Black Friday, their cameras ready. A few more join in and an organized crowd is starting to form. Suddenly, as if they’d all gotten off the same train, backup bursts through the train’s entrance and completes the mob of 200 Mumbaikers of all ages, all dancing together and in rhythm…if you can call it that. Like the CST security, I was pissed. How dare someone interrupt the safe, tranquil, organized establishment we call train stations? And then just suddenly stop and walk away? Madness. If I ever live to witness a flash mob in person that I am not a part of I may just throw a flash grenade so that they’re done in a flash.